Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fixed the Comments

Sorry guys, I know several tried to comment, and I had the settings locking everyone out. Here I thought no one loved me ;)

Comment away!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Abaddon's Warriors

Book One Delilah's Curse rough draft is DONE!

I began thinking I was going to write an average lenght erotic suspence romance to epublish. Felt somehow easier, less intimidating.

Yeah, well, 155,000 words later, I can't send it to the publisher where the editor is who said 'send me any other MS you have' lol. Figures. It's too long. Like, 30,000 words too long.

So I'm sitting her intimidating the hell out of myself trying to decide if I should send it to an agent, as a test to see if I've got something worth marketing, or if I should send it straight to a NY publisher (got one in mind, they publish exactly this kind of work and actually accept unagented writers). Or just freak out.

Well, already done the latter, so I will shoot for one of the first two. As I type this I'm taking a break from my synopsis, which in itself is running it's little game of intimidation and frustration in my head. Nice synopsis, just shut up and put yourself on the paper, will you dammit!!

God I love being a writer.