Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Strange how things can pick you up and shake you just when you think you are in charge of it all, isn't it? This last couple of weeks was a little rough, (hell, who am I kidding the last couple of years have been an endurance test!) but the tail end here, especially. The perfect storm of life events that just kind of make you feel like you are sliding in socks on a hardwood floor; out of control and almost crashing, hoping like hell you don't,a little bit of a rush but terrifying at the same time. Some of it has not been pretty, some of it, has been completely amazing. None of it was anything I expected, and most of it, was not anything I had a choice about. (And the ones I did I didn't handle well!)

The biggest thing? The gift of coming out of it all with more than I went in with. I've learned things like I just took and advanced intensive class on life. At 43. Who knew. For the first time in a long time I have that just cleaned out the closets feeling. Stripped down and bare, the kind that makes you feel like you want to scream SHUT THE DOOR SHUT THE DOOR! but at the same time when it's all gone, and you make room for new things, you feel sort of brand new.

Life doesn't always give us the opportunity to shove ourselves forward like this, and it's usually in a way we'd prefer it not to happen. However the gifts we can give ourselves are the most important of all. Looking at things as they are,looking at people as they are, sometimes letting the pain of a difficult situation burn out things that don't belong, taking the lessons that life and people give you and really accepting them, even if it's something we didn't think we wanted to learn. And making sure everything we put back in that nice clean space is worth accepting.

I'm looking forward to the coming year. No matter what comes. I'm hoping for some very positive and long time coming ( long!) dreams to be realized, and who knows what else will come. Whatever it is, positive or negative I know I will learn from it, and I know I've deemed myself worth accepting whatever gifts life gives, whether they come looking like a pretty wrapped package or a pot hole, I know I'll walk away with something new.

To my family and friends and everyone, I hope your gifts in life for the coming year are amazing, and thanks for what you've brought to mine.

Love to you all;

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thrill Seekers Snippet

Ok..this is a rough draft..meaning..needs some editing. But since I've sucked royally at posting I thought I better get something up. So, here's some hot dirty sex to keep you all busy until I can get my Fire Fighters Menage submitted and we see if I get to be legit!

Teryn felt like she was being stalked. Slowly, methodically, mercilessly. He’d not said one word about her bolting out on him this morning. He’d even shown up with a bottle of wine to have with dinner.

“Here. Give this a try.”

“I’m not much of a wine drinker.” Her nose crinkled at the memory of all the past disasters of trying to like the stuff.

“You’ll like this. Try it.”

Taking a small sip, she was surprised how good it was. Wine usually was too bitter for her taste, she’d tried everything from cheap to expensive, and ended up decided that Boone’s Farm often tasted better than crap that cost ten times as much. Not this. This was delicious. She took another long sip.

“That, is just excellent.”

“Told you.”

You’ll learn to trust me one of these days. She could see it on his face, but he didn’t say it. That was almost worse than having to hear it and respond.

They made dinner together, falling into a relaxed easy rhythm. A comfortable back and forth that neither had to force. Exactly what she was pretending was just the in betweens for the incredible sex they were having. They cooked, laughing, talking, moving together in tandem like they already knew all the ins and out’s of each other’s habits. They ate, cleaned up, laughed, and talked some more. About everything, bad habits, politics, weird stories from their childhood, anything and everything.

But typically confrontational Grant, didn’t say one word about that elephant staring them down from right between their noses. And that put her on edge. She was getting used to him blurting out things, things designed to push her, things designed to incite her, things designed to just flat out make both of them hotter than an August Sunday. Not saying it, that was new.

He poured her another glass of wine when they were finishing putting the food away. Then he grabbed her, easily, lifting her to his chest, kissing her with the hunger she knew all too well, the hunger that she understood.

“Time for dessert.”

“We didn’t make dessert.”

“You know as well as I do what I’m talking about. And you’re it.”

He had her jeans down her thighs before she could blink, nipping at her panties. Then they were gone too. He lifted her easily and sat her on the table. Another table, the tremor went through her thighs.

He moved in between them, spreading her open to him, as they both reached for his shirt at the same time. Just like making dinner, moving together like they were synchronized, not having to talk to know what came next, one move spurring on another.

The feel of that soft as suede thick male skin sent a shiver through her, she could never get enough of how it felt on her, under her hands. He didn’t give her much of a chance to run her hands over him this time, instead he dropped down and his big shoulders, all those tiny muscles moving beneath his skin were hunkered down between her thighs, and those deep blue eyes were burning at her under his thick black lashes.

“Take off your shirt.”

The buttons flew through her fingers, shirt tossed who knew the hell where. The clasp of her bra was open before he could mouth the words because she knew he would. Teasing, she held it there just a moment, clutched to her chest before she slowly let it slide down over her hard nipples.

“Tease. I can play that game, too.” He dipped his head in low and she felt his breath roll gently across the dampness between her legs. He gently flicked his tongue over the outer edges of her, lightly, his breath cooling every warm place it touched. Thigh muscles tightening she felt her skin jump with shivers, she gripped the edge of the table and he had barely touched her yet. He licked the spot at the top of her thigh he’d stroked so softly the night before, and she felt a warm gush of wetness.

“That for me?” He whispered, as he dove his tongue into her, lapping at her softly, then driving his tongue in deep, swirling it inside her until she thought she was going to crack the edge of the table with her grip.

“Like that baby?”

“Yes…god Grant, you are driving me insane.”

“I haven’t even started yet. Better hang on.” His tongue shot straight from the very top, to the very bottom of her entire wet pink slit. Her ass was barely connected with the table anymore, it was all she could do not to strain hard into his soft lips, wanting to sit back and enjoy the pleasure, but her body was doing a 180 and wanting to grind hard into his mouth. Now.

This, was what she understood about her and Grant. This raw impulse, the deep sexual connection they effortlessly shared. The sweetness of the night before had been deep, if not deeper than this sheer powerful lust, and much, much more terrifying. Tonight, she was back in territory she could maneuver. That had been his plan all along, calm her nerves with what he knew neither of them shied away from, and she’d been led here by the master. She didn’t care, she needed to feel more of that tongue.

Not that Grant wasn’t intent on giving her a lot more of it. He moved slowly back up, licking and sucking her pink flesh into his mouth the entire way. Knowing he would reach her clit before long her whole body tensed, ready for the shock and when it came, it sent her rocketing off the table almost completely into his mouth.

As always, he had anticipated her reaction and his big hands caught her easily, squeezing her ass hard, holding her back down and continuing his offensive. He pulled his tongue back and sucked gently on her, pulling her between his lips, then flicking the tip of his tongue over that throbbing knot.

“I can’t take it, Grant!”

“Yes you can baby.” He murmured into her pussy, but he let up on the tongue thrashing he’d been giving her clit and moved lower, sucking and lapping at the now constant flow of cream flooding from her. “You taste so damn good. I’m so fucking hard just from licking you.”

The image of his thick cock pushing those jeans to the extreme fatigue test sent a fresh set of chills through her. “I want you in me…”

“Uh uh… not yet.” She felt a thick finger slide inside of her and she fell back into the haze. He pulled it back, sliding her own wetness down further over her putting his tongue back to work. Softer this time, light circles moving slowly around the outer edges of her clit, enough to make her moan and bite her lip, not enough to let her slide over the edge and come into his waiting mouth.

Then she felt the pressure of his fingers again, sliding deep into her. The next sensation sent her straight up and off the table once again, the utter corrupt bliss of his wet finger sliding easily into her tight ass.

No word to even match the sensation of both of his fingers working her in tandem with his tongue licking those light circles on her clit, all she could do is moan, rock her hips into his face, and nearly black out with the force of the blinding orgasm that he brought down on her.

Still swirling in darkness, wondering if she’d screamed his name in her head or in his ears, she tasted the tangy wetness of his lips…of her, on her mouth. His breathing was heavy and labored. Through the fog of her receding orgasm she started working on the buttons of his Levi’s. Nothing but hearing him groan out his need into her, that thick velvet cock in her hand and his pleasure, was in her head.

“What do you want Grant, tell me.”

“Just you Teryn. Always you.”

His jeans fell to his ankles and she slid her hand down over him, heard the satisfying catch in his breath as he lurched slightly backwards with her touch.

“Yes baby yes, touch me. Fucking stroke me.”

Teryn did exactly what he wanted, exactly what he asked, like she always did, always would and wanted nothing more. His ragged desire filled her as much as anything could, pulsed through her like the red hot blood pulsing through the vein of his throbbing cock, the one that was near to exploding, for her. All for her.

His voice erupted in her ear like a small roar and she felt herself lifted off the table, moving backwards so quickly she thought they were falling until the wall connected hard with her back. The force of it slamming hard into her and his body crushing her from the other side sent her breath from her lungs. It was nowhere near enough to slow the need to feel him.

Bringing her legs up high over his hips she spread herself open to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, lacing her fingers and locking them together. She felt his knees bend, and as he dipped down a little she braced for the coming feel of his cock slamming into her. When it did, the force of him filling her pushed her up off of his hips, countered by his strong arms forcing her right back down, digging deep.

He mounted her hard, fast and in a primal frenzy, she felt herself moving towards another peak, and when it came this one was long, deep, and didn’t let go of her. More of those indulgent little screams rolling from her lips, she felt the walls of her pussy tremor with the intensity of it, felt it pull against his thick flesh as he continued to drive into her, heard his gasping moans as her body clutched at him and didn’t stop.

Just as the waves of her own climax stopped flooding through her, she felt his explode, literally, the force of the shot of him coming into her felt so hot, so deep she swore she could taste him.