Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Blessings

Just taking a minute from the holiday chaos to post about one of the best gifts of all, the silver lining. Things are relative, aren't they? We can always find something to bitch about, and everyone knows someone who does that. Not the best way to spend time is it? I even find myself falling into a negative attitude at times, it's an easy thing to do. This is wrong, that breaks, someone says something or does something or even worse, my pet peeve, DOESN'T do something.

Thing is no matter what goes wrong, we will get through it. It's how we go about it and what our mindset is while doing it that makes all the difference. There are times when just due to circumstance our heads are not in a good place and time is all it takes to fix that. I had a year like that. I changed something in my life that should have happened a long time ago, but I never had the courage to do before. To be honest I didn't think I had the strength to do it. I discovered I did, and that sometimes it just takes the right person to give you that strength. Still didn't help my head, heheh. I was needy, anxious, negative, just a mess. HATED it. But it took time to get to a new way of thinking even when I knew all along I WOULD get through it.

During that time, I ended up achieving some things that I have been dreaming of forever. I published my first book. I changed how I run my life and how I interact with my kids. On top of that I was lucky enough to find an amazing person that inspires me to keep pushing for more. Now how is that for a silver lining? Things are still tough, being a single Mom who is underemployed is hard, but back to that things being relative, we can always find tough things to deal with, life is hard. Period. My life is amazing and wonderful right now despite any hardships. There are always curve balls, less money than you expected just before Christmas, something breaks down, someone gets sick. These things will always be there. I choose to treat them as the norm and just those daily potholes I step over, not the things to focus on.

I'm focusing on that silver lining, because it's always there too. It's so much more enjoyable to focus on the positive things. My kids who are having a great Christmas despite any issues. My new book cover and the dreams of more to come. The man I love and all the new things we are experiencing together. All the new friends and family I'm gaining, and all those little amazing things that will happen every day of the coming new year. They're there, smile and look for them, and just keep stepping over the obstacles, because we will all keep moving forward one way or the other, whether we choose to look down, or up, is our choice.

Happy Holidays to you all and I hope the coming year is filled with lots of silver linings.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

RELEASE DAY!! Monday, December 13th...

At the Grand Falls Fire Department, brotherhood is the key to everything. It’s the glue that holds firefighters together through thick and thin. When Garrett O’Neal realizes that the brotherhood he shares with his mentor and best friend could be something that fulfills the erotic fantasy he has of sharing his wife Carrie, it begins a journey that none of them will escape without being plunged into the depths of flaming passion. A hot and intense tryst becomes so much more than just a bed time fantasy. As the three begin to navigate the boundaries of love and desire, the fires of passion and their passion to fight fire threatens to tear the three of them apart forever.