Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Things

I have a goal to post a blog once a week. Hey, it's still this week!! Today seems like a good day, I have a rant. Today we have, Stupid STUPID, cosmic weirdness, and I'm so freaking tired of people complaining!! (Which...I'm about to do, but we'll call it bitching, so...)

You really can't fix stupid, but would we want to? I mean, would it improve things if we did? Probably not, because, well, there has to be a balance to things, right?
Today amongst the odd things that I ran into making me want to pack my ass right back home not long after I got out in the world, was a guy driving straight for me on a 4 lane highway, another one who turned on his blinker as he came down the road towards me, and luckily I knew better than to pull out of the driveway I was leaving because he DIDN'T turn, and...someone who backed out into the road while I was turning out of a different driveway, and she saw me, just didn't seem to care. Ok, so stupid drivers. Not just plain stupid.

On to creepy and weird. A guy come up behind me in the checkout lane at Walmart (I know..I know, but it's a necessary EVIL!) and ask me if he could pay for my things with his bridge card (food stamps) and I give him the cash. Ummm. NO! Idiot. Really?? Right in the line, with the cashier looking at him like, are you kidding?? As if I would?? Made me want to hide my three year old in front of me, he wasn't exactly trustworthy looking. I started to get a little pissy and really thought about letting him have it, then a visual of him following me to my car slammed my filter down over my mouth. Probably a good thing. As soon as he left, Miss Karma reminded me I really was not in ok-ville as another guy got in line behind me and was unloading his cart literally OVER my shoulder. The woman in front of me hadn't even put all her bags in her cart yet. My stuff was on the belt, he was reaching OVER my shoulder to put his stuff down, and talking to himself.

About this point, I was wondering where the camera was, or when Rod Serling would start to let me know I was in the Twilight Zone.

I have left Walmart to just get the HELL out of that place often, but not quite as fast as I retreated today.

As for the complaining, well. There is a difference between bitching, which I can do with the best of them, and constantly vomiting all your life's drama out at everyone to get attention. Puh-leeeze. Life sucks! It's fucked up, painful, often weird, sometimes surreal and funny as hell, but it sure as shit is not easy.

On the other hand, I guess I take it as a good sign that I'm one of the ones people gravitate to for strength and support. I know there are very few I lean on for that kind of thing, and it sure isn't the ones who spend their time moaning about every little problem (half of which they unwittingly how life sucks, so I know which category that puts me in, and it's not the whiny one. Least I hope not. Get over yourselves, people!! Come on, what fun would it be if you didn't have drama? Ha, they wouldn't have anything to do.

Final random thought for the day, and not even bitchy or pissy...does it make ground baloney more refined if I put it on Ciabatta bread?