Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing brilliant...

First off, I suck at this. I need to get seriously better at it, and I have no excuse! So, while waiting for word on the first Firefighter novel at the publisher, here's a tiny, tiny snippet of the second one. And I promise to get better at this blog thing. (Insert eye roll here, if you like.) Oh, and its unedited, of course.

From Flames of Honor;

Damn if that tight little ass picking it’s way through the debris in the cordoned off area of the arson scene didn’t look familiar. Very familiar. That ass had been twitching in his face for days now and unfortunately it didn’t leave his head when it left his sight.
So what the fuck was she doing here? His newest firefighter should not be trailing the arson investigator, talking with him like they were trading notes.
What. The. Fuck.
Hairs on the back of his neck on alert he stood against the brick front of the building, watching. Sure enough, the conversation had no tension. They pointed, picked, examined. In tandem.
He knew Rod well enough that if he talked openly, let her on a fire scene, she was golden in his book and not just the average hose jockey. He’d been right all along there was something more to her and it had to do with the fires that this psycho had been setting that had put his guys in danger. The thought descended on him with all the grace of a load of bricks and started a train of thought headed in only one direction.
What was he going to do with her now?
Keeping out of sight he watched from a distance. Waiting it out might be better than going in and see if he could glean any info out of Rod on who might be doing this. Then, that little ass was his.
So, who the fuck was she? Why was she parked in his Engine company under his nose, and what did she know about the fires being set?
He was damn sure going to find out. And also pretty sure that her not being a straight up firefighter under his command had just put her as fair game in his bed as well. As much as the thought contradicted what he’d been grinding into his head about her for days, it made sense. Get her lying little ass naked and under him. Relieve the ache in his balls she’d caused, and get some questions answered in the process. All good.
She’d been willing to put herself in his face, she would have to deal with the consequences. Those, would be sweet reward for his efforts, too.
He couldn’t help the predatory grin that split his face when she rounded the corner to where her car was parked and caught site of him leaning against it. Relaxed on the exterior, his gut and his balls seethed with raw adrenaline. The shocked look of being caught red handed only served to heighten his state, though he kept himself tight, leaning back casually, arms folded over his chest just watching her walk towards him.
The fifteen lies she could tell to cover being here were evident on her face as she came closer. That was one bonus of working with her these last few days. To most he bet she’d be hard to read, but studying her every move for hours on end had enlightened him to the subtle shifts in her eyes and features that revealed a hell of a lot about what she was thinking.
Right now, she was thinking about how to get out of this.
“Not going to work, sweetheart. Whatever you’re cooking up in that brain of yours I know you aren’t what you say, and I don’t give two shits who Sutty is or about your firefighter family.”
“Rod’s a family friend. I’m going to enter the arson investigation training next year.”
“That’s nice.” He sprung on her the instant she reached the car and her hand moved to the door handle. Pressing his big body into hers he backed her into the car.
“What the hell do you think—“
The last few words he devoured along with her lips. And god the taste was sweeter than he’d imagined. Stiffening and trying to pull back did her no good as he buried his hands in the silk of her hair, wrapping the strands around his fists he kept her mouth right where it was, buried under his as he explore every corner of her lips with his.
Finally pulling back he pressed his forehead into hers, eye to eye.
“Baby you just gave me the break I’ve been waiting for. I’ve known all along something was up, still don’t know what but now, one thing I do know…” He nipped at her bottom lip, tasting her again, loving that she stood stock still, no longer fighting him even if she hadn’t given in yet. “I do know I’m going to love every minute of teasing the truth out of you now that I have free reign to put your sweet, little, ass—“ He punctuated each word with another nip, this time rewarded with her lips parting slightly, making his cock jump against her hip. “—in my bed. Right where it belongs.”
The fury that sparked in her eyes might have pushed some males back. Not him. He watched it, simmering, the resentment that he had just claimed her, loving every second of it, of her strength. Even if it wouldn’t do her a damn bit of good.
“Asshole!” she screeched, and in a surprise move she kicked his left knee. The momentary pain and shock that he’d been so drunk on her kiss that he’d let her get the jump on him nearly made him laugh. If it hadn’t given her the opportunity to wriggle out from under him.
Now she stood, chest heaving with the angry breaths she took, face livid. “Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to accuse me of lying! And why the hell do you think I’d let you in my bed? You think you’re all that? I don’t give a shit what you look like, you kill it with that pig headed asshole personality!”
He couldn’t help it. Worst possible thing he could have done, and it came out without warning. He laughed.
He was still laughing when her tires screeched on the pavement as she tore away, leaving him standing in a cloud of dust.
Oh, she was his. Game on.