Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's sexy?

I have been thinking about this, and since I've been a bad girl about posting (ok, you all know I like being a bad girl, but I have responsibilities to spew unnecessary wordage at you here, because I'm an attention whore!) so I needed to post, and that's my topic.

What do you find the most sexy about someone / something? My conclusion today, is the mind. That's where it all starts for me, that certain connection, that certain something. Looks, sure, spark things right off, but it can go downhill from there fast once the mouth opens, right? Then again, as all us internet savvy voyeurs know there can be a huge connection without the physical as well. The right word, the right conversation, can take you all kinds of good places. Shivery, twitchy, mental skin on skin places. This particular topic is on my mind quite a bit at the moment, and I'm having an awful lot of fun with it I must say. Now, there is always that take it one step further point, where you have to bridge the gap between mental and physical in any relationship, and the true test is if the minds connect, does the rest follow? Sometimes, if we're really lucky, yes...oh yes it does!

There are also certain things we find sexy we'll never have in our own lives, for instance I think the m/m genre of erotic fiction is extremely hot (note picture above..thank you Viv!!) HOT..very hot. Now, will I ever watch in real life, probably not, ha...I should be so lucky! But I love to read it, love to write it. So fantasies, whether you venture to them for real or not are also sexy. That's exactly what all this erotic romance is, fantasy on paper, except you can pick one up someone has written for you (hopefully soon ME!) and go live vicariously through someone else's eyes for awhile. So in that sense, aren't we all voyeurs a little? And isn't that sexy?

I'll throw out a couple of mine besides the mind; tall, dark, and my version of handsome. A little naughty, a 'nice' bad boy, so to speak. Smells good...damn that one always gets me! A really, really good conversation, someone who challenges me just a bit. Someone with that certain little spark in their eye. As for fantasies...well babies I'm writing them!

So what turns you on? What's sexy? Mind, body, activities? Fantasies? All of the above? Give us a hint, share the love and comment! If you're real, real brave, tell us which one you've lived and what was so awesome about it.