Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ty's Honor Snippet

Ok, in honor of my actually doing a synopsis for this, here's a little piece of my Space Opera themed m/m story. Ty and Mac are Regulator Starjet pilots, offworld on a little undercover mission. This is their first kiss.
And here's Mac and Ty...Ty's the blue eyed one. And yeah...I admit it, I could so fall in love with that picture!

“You got the sweeper device activated?”

“Yes, Mother.” Mac chuckled softly.

“Quit fucking around.” he snarled, regretting it immediately. He didn’t want to be distracted by being an asshole, or apologizing for it for that matter.

A quiet beep sent them both ramrod straight. “Yep. Set up. Shit.”

They looked around to see if anyone in the vicinity seemed obvious. None did. Moving back the way they came, trying to keep the pace calm, both scanned for somewhere to hide from the sweepers. Sweepers picked up tags and body heat at close distances, and no one else in this shit hole but them would have tags. Mac jerked his head toward one of the odd metallic cylinders. “Metal, it’ll block the body heat and the signal.”

“Fucking thing won’t fit us. You take this one, I’ll go down to the next one.”

“No time!” Mac pointed at the locator. The red dot was close, almost on top of them. Mac grabbed his arm and shoved him forward. Yanking the door open he pushed him back into the thing and crammed himself in on top of him, dragging the door shut behind him. It took three tries to get it to latch.

Once Mac was in, Ty found himself jammed full on head to toe with him. Every warm hard inch, and he was drowning in that damn scent. He took a deep breath, it stuttered through his windpipe. He tried to believe it was how smashed he was, that his hands were all but pinned next to him.

Couldn’t be that Mac’s cock was pressed against his hip. Or that it was getting hard.

Mac’s eyes grew dark, his head leaned slowly back to rest against the wall of the tube with a slight metal bong. The slightest sound echoed in the damn thing. Ty grimaced a warning to be quiet, Mac grinned. Just like him to be humorous, always diffusing something with a joke and a smile.

Ty closed his eyes, willed his breathing to steady. When he managed slow in, steady out, he lifted his lids to see Mac’s green eyes staring back, intense and bright even in the dim of the small space. He let himself really look at Mac’s face, not just the quick recognition his brain usually gave him. His cheekbones were somewhat high but not prominent, his nose straight and aristocratic even if he wasn’t, but what drew the eye was Mac’s strong masculine jaw, slightly squared, defined.

A slow grin tilted one corner of Mac’s mouth, then it disappeared. Ty had no idea what his own face was registering right now, as much as he should be trying to control it he couldn’t, it was the last thing he was thinking about. He wasn’t even thinking about the fact a sweeper might be outside right now, feet from them.

He was thinking about the fact Mac had licked his lips. For the third time. And they seemed a hell of a lot closer than they were a second ago. He was thinking about the fact he saw exactly what Mac was thinking in those green eyes and he looked like a man who was intent on doing something. Like he’d found something he’d been looking for.


Bad choice of words, was his next thought as Mac’s breath fluttered lightly over his cheek. His body grew rigid, he squirmed. The shifting movement against Mac brought a few more sensations into the mix. Mac’s smile actually did curve up the corners of his mouth when Ty’s dick started to go hard. It was pushed up against Mac’s leg and he had to feel every inch of it. Ty knew, because as it swelled, Mac’s thigh got tighter, shifted back and forth slightly. His smile got a little bigger too.

It was Ty’s turn to close his eyes and roll his head back, but he made sure he didn’t make a sound doing it. Oh damn oh damn oh damn…why now?

The feel of his face getting warmer made his eyes snap open again. He found exactly what he expected to see. Mac was closer. His face a few hairs from his, leaning. Slowly.

As if in a trance he watched him come, felt the flash of heat through his entire body. He could only focus on Mac’s lips. Those lush male lips, soft and full yet with a distinct edge and deep cleft over the top lip that didn’t look at all feminine. Not feminine, but damn kissable. It was right there, his lips were right there, inching closer. His gaze shot to Mac’s eyes. Dark and hooded, they shifted back and forth in a crazed kind of little dance, and he realized Mac was doing the same thing he was. Watching his lips, watching his eyes.

A wave of heat passed over his body as Mac’s lips brushed his, erotically, slowly, just a whisper. Mac watched his eyes, searched them. Then he lowered his lips again, pressing them this time, fully, but lightly.

Ty nearly moaned at the feel of them and as badly as he wanted to hold that green eyed stare his eyes rolled back. Mac’s lips were to this point in his life, the most intense thing he’d ever felt. Warm, soft, tasting like peppermint and sending a shockwave through his entire body.

He tilted his head, and kissed back. The sharp intake of breath from Mac was followed a soft sigh Ty was pretty sure would have been a moan if they hadn’t needed to be silent. That tiny brush of air vibrated through his entire body.

It was him, not Mac, who pushed it further. His tongue slipped between his lips, testing the seam of Mac’s mouth, slipping over his lips in a gentle caress. It made him shudder. When Mac opened his mouth and his tongue met his, he shuddered deeper, then considered the possibility if much further happened his stone hard cock jammed tightly against Mac’s thigh may erupt spontaneously.

It scared the shit out of him. It made him want to kiss him harder.

A blast of cool air and the feel of falling ripped through any further thoughts of impending orgasm.

“What the…” A kid with a big grey sack stared them down as they stumbled out of the tube, going immediately into a crouch, surveying the surrounding area.

The kid threw the sack in the tube, pressed a button and ran. No one else was in sight, the red dot was gone. Huge orange flames shot up inside the tube and Ty about jumped out of his skin, shared the same knowing glance with Mac. Holy hell they’d been in an incinerator.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Review of Mari Carr's Tequila Truth

Tequila Truth goes down smooth, and no lime necessary. Mari Carr’s novella is a sweet hot read that is one of those stories you really wish wouldn’t end.

The name of the story is the theme that winds throughout; a game that when played makes the players answer with total honesty the question that is asked of them. They’ve been playing it for years, but instead of getting her all male and sex obsessed roommates to get a little more introspective, Kylie finds herself blurting out a truth one night that will change things for all of them forever. Her revelation that her ultimate sex fantasy is a ménage a trios with some added kinks knocks the blinders off the two men she’s been best friends with since college, and all the sudden she doesn’t look quite like their tomboy girl buddy anymore. When it becomes obvious that she’s intent on fulfilling at least part of that fantasy, they realize that it might just be them that needs to step up and do the job, all in the name of making sure it’s done right for their best friend, of course.

Mari Carr has written three wonderful characters, and with her talents they pull you into every nuance of the relationship that unwinds between the three of them. The hero’s are both sweet and a total compliment to each other, not only are they Kylie’s lovers but also her friends, her protectors and everything a girl could hope two men could possibly be. In turn she is the liveliest part of them, giving both of them something they need beyond just the friendship she’s shared with them for years. The sexual tension builds to a smoking hot level without ever leaving the fact that these three are falling in love parked at the door. It’s an excellent read, and I highly recommend it. Tequila Truth is definitely worth taking a shot.

This is also being released in print with, another story by Mari Carr, Erotic Research, the anthology is called Learning Curves