Saturday, May 28, 2011

He, She and the I, We....Plus a Sale!!

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So this morning I'm talking with my S.O. and I suddenly came upon a realization you'd think might have hit before now. I'm wondering if it's just me, or maybe is this a universal male / female thing. I realized that in my life anyway males tend to think more in the "me / I" frame of reference, while I and I'm thinking many other females think in the "we / they" point of view. It was something to the effect of me considering weekend plans and pretty much most things that have to be planned out like who needs what done and when and where in the we frame of mind. Such as, "ok he has to do this, I need to do that, WE could make it work by..." etc. Then it hit me the words that usually reference his frame of thought are "I have to....or what are you...?" Then I went back and thought about my previous marriage. Yep, same thing. I'd get up in the morning taking into my line of thought everyone's needs and plans and I'd get from my ex "I have to do this, I'm going to do that.." Course, in his case, it never took anyone else into the factor hence, he is the EX. That, is a whole other story.

As women I see us blogging and posting all the time about our own personal things but also more in regards to our families, our S.O.'s and how everything we do relates to that in one big string. Do men do that? Or are they oriented more towards an individual train of thought? Not to say they don't consider us or the kids in their plans or day to day whatever, this is more a point of how our minds work, from an individual stance or a group stance, which I think is more common to women.

Ok let the opinions fly, and here is another question, how do we write our men in our novels or like to read them? Do we play them true to nature, or change it because, well, we're writing them how we want them to be and we CAN!


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