Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why, yes, I can go to work Naked.

Ok so it's true, on certain days when school is in and all under aged spawn have been shuttled off to their destinations I could, technically work naked. The glamorous life of a writer, no? Uh, no.

I'm sure you can conjure all kinds of scenarios to make working naked sound wonderful, many that involve some of the very characters I have created in some interesting positions. Yeah, not so much when I'm home, the laundry needs done, and I realize it's Monday and I didn't put the recycle bin out. Ask my neighbors how working naked would go if that were the case. "Hey Mrs. Crane, nice morning!" Yeah. And then the police arrive.

Really it's just a point of while something may sound good it's not always as great as it seems. Yes I LOVE being a writer, even the boring part where I write really inane articles for a regular paycheck while waiting for that magical day when I can live off just my fiction royalty checks. I do get to set my own schedule. I do get to spend time with my boyfriend during the day which helps because we both have odd schedules. I do get to attend my kids school functions, and I made it to all my son's Lacrosse games this year, no work interference. On the other hand, when I'm tired and not so in the creative mood, I have to make myself crawl out of bed and work. Cause, you know, the bed is right there. I could sleep. For just a little while.

That makes the point of the downside of working for yourself and being a writer. Discipline. There is no lounging naked writing hot steamy love scenes watching the pool man (Sorry...I don't like boys!) in the sun with no shirt. For one, reality check, our pool is an inflatable thing that while not tiny, is very much my four year old's domain. There is laundry, calls to make, blogs to write, dishes to do, homework to monitor.

Yeah, I could go to work naked, but really, I wouldn't likely do that any more than you would!

Kisses - E

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